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Honor the Legacy

Memorial Donations 

Honor the Legacy: Memorial Donations for Big Lake's Future

In remembrance of those cherished individuals who shared a deep love for Big Lake, we invite you to honor their memory with a memorial donation to the Big Lake Improvement Association. Your contribution will not only pay tribute to their passion for this serene waterbody but also pave the way for its continued enhancement and preservation for generations to come.

With each donation made in their name, we commemorate their profound connection to Big Lake, ensuring that their spirit remains intertwined with its tranquil waters and flourishing ecosystem. Your generosity will leave a lasting impact, enabling us to undertake crucial conservation efforts, recreational enhancements, and community initiatives that uphold the essence of Big Lake.

Together, we can uphold the legacy of those who found solace, joy, and inspiration in the beauty of Big Lake. Your memorial donation is a tribute that transcends time, honoring the memories of loved ones while safeguarding the natural splendor of this cherished locale.

Join us in celebrating their lives by investing in the future of Big Lake. Your donation serves as a beacon of remembrance, guiding our collective efforts towards a brighter, more vibrant tomorrow for all who hold Big Lake dear to their hearts.

To make a memorial donation or learn more about how you can contribute to the preservation of Big Lake, contact us directly at

Thank you for honoring the legacies of those who have loved Big Lake, ensuring that their passion continues to ripple through its waters for years to come.

Sincerely, The Big Lake Improvement Association

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